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Fact!    90% of today's millionaires became so by buying Real Estate.

Let's get you the keys to your new home!

3 easy steps to begin....

1. Find out your Buying Power!

This is a simple process of getting qualified by a reputable Lending Institution. A loan broker can review your income documents and see what you can afford. Ask your Realtor for suggestions. They work with Lenders daily and can get you in contact with a good one!

You will need the following documents in order to get pre approved;

- Last 3 months of paystubs.

- Last two years of taxes

- Last 2 months of all bank account statements

2. Discuss what you are comfortable paying out monthly for your home. The final costs will include mortgage, taxes and insurance. You do not want to exceed your means.

3. Once you determine what you can pay and what you are willing to pay, now we can begin house hunting!! A reputable Realtor can help narrow down your search, educate you about the market and protect your interests through out the transaction.

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Purchased their new home with a VA loan! Thank you for your service to our country, it has been our pleasure to serve you!!!